We are a family with two children.  My son max of 2,5 years and Fleur of 3 months. The birth of my first son was intense. Which made it impossible for me to go up the stairs. Joost had made a chest of drawers in my week of childbirth. And hung it in the toilet. A special moment. The Babywoods wall-mounted chest of drawers was also born during my week of childbirth.

The wall chests were designed and developed in the Netherlands. It is a design of its own, in which the entire production process is an environmentally conscious thought. After the baby period stuff, throw it away? No, of course not, a shame! The wall-mounted chest of drawers is multifunctional and can be used as a children's desk, and at a later age as an ordinary desk. 

The choice of wood is a sustainable one. The wall chests are made of FSC wood. When developing the chest of drawers, as little wood as possible is thrown away.  The remaining wood is pressed into wood briquettes.  Read here about the choice of material for the wall-mounted chest.

Joost, my husband made the first models of the wall-mounted dresser himself. At the moment the chests are being made in a wood workshop. This is a special wood workshop. There are people working under supervision. They work there as a daily schedule. These people do that with great passion and commitment.

Together with Babywoods, you create the most durable and special and exclusive baby room you dream of. Which is exactly what gives that personal touch to your baby. At the same time, this is also the very best for your baby's health and future. After all, who doesn't want the very best for their baby?

Sustainable baby textiles
You can also find organic products at Babywoods.nl. Products made of beautiful natural and biological materials. But also organic baby products. These are not only good for the environment but also sustainable for you and your baby.

Babywoods.nl offers changing mat covers made of organic cotton. Handmade and completely exclusive design and material.  These durable fabrics are also softer in structure, it breathes better, but it also fits better. These materials are especially fine for babies because their immune system is not yet fully grown. They are therefore more sensitive to allergies and eczema. Allergic babies tolerate organic cotton better. 

The Organic textile line is not only durable but is also wonderfully soft, honest and beautiful material for your vulnerable little baby. In this way, you contribute to a sustainable future for you and your baby ...


Summary of all our benefits:

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